We have used the following steps to complete the survey and mapping of community assets. All of these steps can be easily delegated to students of all ages- the process is simple enough that someone with little to no computer skill may accomplish the tasks.

1. Deliniate an area you would like to map- ideally an entire community, or municipality.

2. Determine what assets you would like to inventory; these include but are not limited to restaurants, grocery stores, street art/vandalism, parks, recreation areas, walking paths, and other areas of interest.

3. Use the provided data form as a model for your own form for collecting data. Be sure to include the address, this will ensure accuracy while placing points onto your map. Prepare enough copies of these forms to ensure that every asset may be mapped.

4. After determining the entire study area, deliniate several smaller sections which are able to be covered by a small group of people in a short amount of time. Print out hard copies of this map in a high resolution so that the volunteers may mark each site onto the actual map- this will make it easier to recall the exact location when entering data.

5. Explore the areas delineated on the map, every time an asset is found, one form should be filled out. A picture should be taken to compliment this data. As you go, mark on the map the areas you have covered, this will make it easier to keep track of what you have completed.

6. When finished gathering data, it may be entered into your mappler.com website. There are several easy steps to enter this data.

+ Go to http://www.mappler.com/garfieldstreetart

+ Click the “Log In” button

+ Type in your User Name and Password that we have provided you (student1, student2, etc.)

+ Type the location into the mappler box that is titled “-Find Location”

+ When prompted in the pop-up bubble, click “Add New”

+ Enter your data for this location based on the form provided

+ When finished, click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the form

+ This will complete this point and add it to the map.

7. Pictures can be added by simply uploading them from your computer into the aforementioned online form.


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