Through this activity, several things have been accomplished. Students have learned important computer and GIS skills, how to survey an area, how to compile and apply data, as well as see their community in a different way. The students also viewed this activity as benefiting their health. Using pedometers, each volunteer was able to track their steps, mileage, and calories burned. Simply walking and volunteering for the community can greatly benefit your health!

As a benefit for the community, the resulting sites may act as a reference for residents as well as the city council. As the site progresses, the Garfield Health Department will evaluate the nutriton information for each site collected, and parents and children alike may look at the map to determine the best choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The following chart shows the mileage and calories burned as we participated in this activity:

First Name Grade Steps Miles Cals
Jeff Sophomore- Garfield High School 8628 2.68 266.1
Jordan Sophomore- Garfield High School 5958 1.85 191.2
Damian Junior- Garfield High School 5810 1.72 179.2
Pawel Junior- Garfield High School 6743 2.09 223.4
Nico Junior- Garfield High School 6729 2.09 221.3
Josh Junior- Garfield High School 5213 1.62 160.8
Calvin Volunteer 5182 1.60 159.8
Gina Volunteer 6729 1.99 207.6
Carl Volunteer 4957 1.54 156.7
Matt Volunteer n.a. n.a. n.a
Wansoo Volunteer 4649 1.44 143.4
Average 6060 1.86 191.0

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